Links for Ham Radio Information


ARRL - ARRL is the national voice for ham radio and a weath of information.

Antenna Building - Steve James, KA9NPT, a member of our club suggested this site for building your own antennas.

Licensing Exams - If you are ready to get licensed in ham radio, or advance your license level, you can search hear to find all the testing locations.

Amatuer Radio Band Plan - Helpful information for all the bands amatuer radio operators can operate on

Q-Codes - Ham radio operators often use "Q" codes to shotren transmissions.  An extensive list of some commonly used codes

Grid Mapping - Grid mapping is needed for some contests hams participate in

Northern IL ARES - ARES (Amateur Radio Emergency Services) is the emergency communications arm of ARRL.  NIARES serves Boone, Winnebago, and Stephenson Counties

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